How a Remodeling Company Can Improve Your Business

How a Remodeling Company Can Improve Your Business

Remodeling companies are often defined by the quality of products they install and the crews’ skill level and customer service. While these characteristics are important, they should not be the only focus of a remodeling company.

The best residential remodeling companies are staffed with project managers who are masters of vetting and partnering with skilled tradesmen. This ensures that your project runs smoothly and generates the maximum ROI for your investment.

Skilled Tradesmen

There are various skilled trade jobs that can help you improve your business, from welding to machining. These jobs are specialized areas of expertise that require specific training and certifications. These skills are important because they allow for the creation of precise, quality products and services. In addition, they allow you to comply with local and state building codes, which are essential for the safety of your customers.

Many remodelers struggle to find experienced, reliable trade contractors to perform their work. This is why some opt to bring trades in-house to control the project better and meet their standards. However, this can be a costly endeavor.

Adams’ team of seven in-house trade divisions includes excavation, plumbing, drywall, painting, and masonry crews, as well as a kitchen showroom and carpenters. He vets his crews and pays them fair wages for their hard work and dependability. This symbiotic relationship allows for consistent scheduling, quality work, and outstanding customer service.

Exceptional Customer Service

Remodeling companies often define themselves by the quality of products they use, the craftsmanship their crews provide, or by the reliability of their trade contractors. This is all fine and good, but a company that wants to be successful needs to look as hard at its processes as it does at its product.

For example, Jackson Design and Remodeling use a prominent sign in their window saying “Please Excuse Us” during their remodeling work, along with a phone number to reach customer service and a business website. They also advertise in the local newspaper to let potential customers know they will still be open and take advantage of a remodel as a marketing opportunity. This shows a commitment to providing excellent customer service even during construction.

Timely Completion

Remodeling companies are staffed with highly experienced professionals. As a result, they can offer suggestions and solutions that are unique to the industry. They also have a wide range of proficiency in construction and design. In addition, they are familiar with building regulations and standards. Their expertise is conveniently accessible to clients.

The main difference between a remodeling contractor and a handyman is the scope of work. Handymen usually focus on tasks like painting, repairing, and laying tiles, while remodeling contractors can take on more complex projects. They can also install plumbing and electrical systems, which require specialized skills.

Most remodelers define themselves by their quality of products and craftsmanship. However, it’s important for them to look as hard at process and customer service as they do product. For example, if a company is known for finding creative ways to help homeowners use space, they should highlight that in their marketing. This will set them apart from other remodeling companies and make their customers feel valued.

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